Kausthubam , TC 16/251(5). EVRA-51
Eswaravilasam road , Vazhuthacaud



The business of building houses for the general public is an endeavour that is based in trust. Here at Unique Eye Homes, we practice this in every aspect of it. In a growing metropolitan city like Trivandrum, the need for quality construction is paramount. This is because the buildings we leave behind are landmarks in the progress that the city makes towards its future. The houses and flats our business concentrates on are promises in structural integrity and architectural beauty. Unique Eye Homes, as one of the leading construction companies in Trivandrum, is well aware of exactly what a city like Trivandrum needs. We are also are that what we make will soon be acknowledged as part of the city’s map.


Unique Eye Homes hires the best people for the job. Be it, contractors who help us find the finest plots in Trivandrum that are suitable for construction, or building designers, who have a keen eye for innovative architectural forms; we make sure the best in the business are part of our work culture. This unflawed commitment towards work ethic leads Unique Eye Homes to be a wonderful asset to the construction community that operates out of the finest plots in Trivandrum.

As a business Unique Eye Homes provides only the best for our potential customers. These understandings we have inculcated over the years with our clients have made us popular and the trustworthy building contractors in Trivandrum.